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SLS 3D Printers

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) represents a cutting-edge 3D printing technique that operates by selectively melting layers of polymer powder to craft a fully-formed component. This intricate process unfolds within a meticulously temperature-regulated build chamber, wherein a thin layer of powder—often Nylon—is delicately distributed onto the build platen. Herein, a potent laser meticulously follows the contours of each layer of the intended part, facilitating its gradual formation. Subsequently, a new layer of powder is seamlessly applied over the build area, and this iterative process persists until the entire part materializes with precision and finesse.

SLS Nylon PA-12 Powder

PA12 Nylon stands out as a highly versatile thermoplastic renowned for its exceptional properties. Demonstrating toughness, stability, and resistance to both high temperatures and chemicals, it proves adept at enduring diverse environmental challenges encountered by end-use components. Its fast and cost-effective production for short runs makes it a preferred choice, often serving as a substitute for injection-molded parts.

Buy SLS Black Nylon Powder

Thanks to high temperature accuracy, this strong Locanam nylon powder is very suitable for 3D printing items with many detailed and complex parts, prototypes, fully functional models and end products machine parts and more. Your models get a very strong because this nylon powder is high quality. The black materials is easy to print in thin layers with high temperature. This nylon powder is supplied is a resendable and pack of 1kg.

SLS Nylon PA-12 Powder

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    Material Properties

    "PA12 powder stands out as the predominant choice in industrial Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing. This polyamide powder is renowned for yielding robust and enduring components, making it an excellent choice for both prototyping and final product applications."

    Polyamide 12 (PA12) exhibits exceptional mechanical characteristics, rendering it an excellent option for diverse applications. If your specific use case demands elevated levels of durability and strength, it is advisable to consider utilizing PA12 nylon.

    Technical Data Sheet

    Physical                             Typical Value                     Unit                    Test Condition

    Packed Density                    0.63                               g/cm3                              23°C

    Particle Size (D50)                55                                    pm                                 23°C

       Part Density                      0.96                                g/cm3                              23°C

           Mechanical                   Typical Value                  Unit                        Test Condition

        Tensile Strength                     46                             MPa                            50mm/min

        Tensile Modulus                    1350                           MPa                            50mm/min

        Elongation at Break                25                               %                              50mm/min

        Flexural Strength                    44                             MPa                            5mm/min

      Flexural Modulus                    1280                             MPa                            5mm/min

    Izod Impact Strength               25                               KJ/m2                               23°C 


    Izod Impact Strength             6.9                                 KJ/m2                              23°C

            Thermal                       Typical Value                 Unit                                 Test Condition

       Melting Temperature             185                             °C                                     10°C/min                                  (Powder)

       Melting Temperature             178                             °C                                      10°C/min                               (Sintered Part)

       Heat Deflection Tempr.          120                             °C                                      120°C/h                                   (0.45 MPa)

       Heat Deflection Tempr.          84                             °C                                       120°C/h                                     (1.8 MPa)

    Real Application

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