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3d printing

Why invest in Mould/Die when you are not certain of going into mass production Yet ?

Get your product in the market with Locanam 3D Printing services without the need for investing in a Mould/Die.

Ideate, Design and Manufacture your product for the market in 3-4 days.

Competitive pricing and product quality when compared with traditional Manufacturing methods. 

Hub For Digital Manufacturing

Accelerating Lead Time And Bringing Your Product faster to market

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3D Print Up to 10000 Parts.

30+ Materials Available.

Test your prototypes.

PAN India.

Overcome the constraints of traditional manufacturing.


Low 3D Printing Costs.

The 3D Printing Process


Upload the CAD file in STL Format or get help from our professional designers to prepare the CAD file according to your needs.

Our team will guide you through the 3d Printing Technology suitable for the required application and the material options available for your project.

3d Printing the CAD file and post processing it to ensure utmost quality of the prototype manufactured while also maintaining the dimensional tolerances. 

Packaging and shipping of the prototype as per scheduling feasibility and tracking the shipment at all times.

The term 3d printing has been among us since a long time but in the past decade it has come to the lime light because of the technological advancements in the 3d printing Industry which were not there before. By technological advancements in 3d printing we mean faster machines, better output, development on the design and AI side of software which has led to a faster computing speeds.

Advanced materials are also behind the hype around 3d printing because they have opened doors to materials which are more light weight, durable and in many applications at par than the existing materials. Some of the examples of the above in the 3d printing industry are Peek, Ultem, onyx etc.

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