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Apple's Innovative Move: Testing 3D Printing for Smartwatch Production.

Updated: Feb 19

Apple is exploring the use of 3D printers to craft steel chassis for smartwatches, which could revolutionize its manufacturing processes. This move could lead to a shorter manufacturing timeframe and reduced material usage.

Apple Testing 3D Printing for Smartwatch Production

In a groundbreaking shift, Apple Inc. is poised to revolutionize its manufacturing processes by exploring the use of 3D printers for crafting steel chassis in upcoming smartwatches, as reported by Bloomberg. This ambitious endeavor promises to streamline production, reduce environmental impact, and potentially transform the company's entire supply chain.

According to the report, this cutting-edge approach eliminates the need to cut large metal slabs into the desired product shape, significantly reducing manufacturing time and conserving materials. Sources, who remained anonymous due to the confidential nature of the project, believe that this innovation could pave the way for a more sustainable future.

The key to this transformation lies in the use of 3D printing, specifically a method called binder jetting. This technique produces the initial outline of the device, closely resembling its final form, in a process known as "near net shape." A powdered material is used in the printing, followed by a sintering process involving heat and pressure to give it the tactile properties of traditional steel. Subsequently, precise designs and cutouts are milled, mirroring previous manufacturing steps.

Apple, in collaboration with its suppliers, has been quietly developing this method for at least three years. Recent rigorous testing has been carried out on steel casings intended for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9, set to be unveiled on September 12. This forthcoming smartwatch promises enhanced performance and introduces new case color options while maintaining a consistent design.

The decision to use the Apple Watch as a testbed for this emerging technology follows a trend within Apple. They previously introduced steel frames to iPhones two years after their debut in the original Apple Watch. Moreover, this year's premium iPhones are set to incorporate titanium, a year after the material's debut in the Apple watch Ultra.


Apple's foray into 3D printing for smartwatch chassis manufacturing represents a significant leap forward in terms of efficiency and sustainability. If successful, this innovative approach could reshape not only Apple's product lineup but also set new standards for the industry. As we eagerly await the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 9, it's clear that the company's commitment to technological innovation and environmental conservation remains unwavering.

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