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Bengaluru Welcomes India's First 3D-Printed Post Office

Updated: Feb 19

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the first 3D-printed post office of India in Bengaluru's Cambridge Layout.

India's First 3D-Printed Post Office

On Friday, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated India's inaugural 3D-printed post office in Bengaluru. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, the post office has been erected. The inauguration event for the 1,100 square feet post office took place in Bengaluru's Cambridge Layout, situated close to Ulsoor Bazaar.

India's First 3D-Printed Post Office

Vaishnaw said this new construction technology was carried out through 3D-concrete printing technology, which is a fully automated building construction technology wherein a robotic printer deposits the concrete layer-by-layer as per the approved design and special grade concrete that hardens quickly is used to ensure bonding between the layers to print the structure.

The entire construction activity was completed in a period of 45 days as compared to about six to eight months taken by the conventional method.

Cost and time savings make 3D-concrete printing technology a viable alternative to conventional building practices.

"Having a 3D-printed concrete building constructed on site is a great initiative. This is a technology demonstrator. IIT Madras has done fabulous work on this. When this technology will become mainstream, we will see more such initiatives on taking this technology forward," Vaishnaw told reporters.

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