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Fotoshoot-Weirather-WLS-innenraum-mat Locanam


Locanam PA12 Nylon Powder for SLS 3D Printing 1Kg-Black

Thanks to high temperature accuracy, this strong Locanam nylon powder is very suitable for 3D printing items with many detailed and complex parts, prototypes, fully functional models and end products machine parts and more. Your models get a very strong because this nylon powder is high quality. The black materials is easy to print in thin layers with high temperature. This nylon powder is supplied is a resendable and pack of 1kg.

Material Properties

"PA12 powder stands out as the predominant choice in industrial Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing. This polyamide powder is renowned for yielding robust and enduring components, making it an excellent choice for both prototyping and final product applications."

Polyamide 12 (PA12) exhibits exceptional mechanical characteristics, rendering it an excellent option for diverse applications. If your particular application requires increased durability and strength, it is recommended to explore the use of PA12 nylon.

Technical Data Sheet

Physical                             Typical Value                     Unit                    Test Condition

Packed Density                    0.63                               g/cm3                              23°C

Particle Size (D50)                55                                    pm                                 23°C

   Part Density                      0.96                                g/cm3                              23°C

    Mechanical                   Typical Value                    Unit                        Test Condition

    Tensile Strength                     46                             MPa                            50mm/min

    Tensile Modulus                    1350                           MPa                            50mm/min

    Elongation at Break                25                               %                              50mm/min

    Flexural Strength                   44                             MPa                             5mm/min

  Flexural Modulus                    1280                             MPa                            5mm/min

Izod Impact Strength                25                              KJ/m2                               23°C 


Izod Impact Strength               6.9                                 KJ/m2                              23°C

        Thermal                       Typical Value                 Unit                                 Test Condition

   Melting Temperature             185                             °C                                     10°C/min                                          (Powder)

   Melting Temperature             178                             °C                                      10°C/min                                    (Sintered Part)

   Heat Deflection Tempr.          120                             °C                                      120°C/h                                           (0.45 MPa)

   Heat Deflection Tempr.            84                             °C                                      120°C/h                                          (1.8 MPa)

Real Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nylon PA12?

  • PA12 powder stands out as a versatile choice in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). Its reliability and robustness make it a preferred option for various applications, showcasing its potential in countless possibilities.

How To Reuse Nylon PA-12 Powder

  • Extend the usability of your leftover PA12 powder by incorporating 22% of PA12 Smooth Fresh Powder in your next printing session. Blend 78% of previously used PA12 Smooth with 22% of PA12 Smooth Fresh to produce a budget-friendly, 100% print-ready PA12 Smooth powder.

How To Store Nylon PA-12 Printing Powder?

  • Store powder at around 23°C and 50% humidity in a sealed dry box.

  • Keep the container tightly closed to prevent exposure to air.

  • Clean the printer immediately after use; store the material promptly.

  • Avoid leaving powder in the printer for more than a couple of hours.

  • Include silicone absorbers in the container, but not in the printer.

How strong is Nylon 12?

  • Nylon 12 is a robust and flexible thermoplastic known for its crack resistance and high strength, with a tensile strength of 48MPa, flexural strength of 41MPa, and 18% elongation at break. It excels in wear, abrasion, and impact resistance, showcasing durability and chemical resistance. The material's strength varies based on manufacturing and grade, making it valued for its strength, flexibility, and toughness.

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