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Applications of 3D Printing Services

Updated: Feb 15

Since the Boom of the 3d printing, many people have been wondering about the applications of 3d printing in different Industries.

In this article Locanam – a leading 3d printing service provider is going to talk about some of the applications of 3d printing which have been successfully adopted by different Industries.

3d printing services

1. Rapid Prototyping

3d Printing has eliminated so many barriers of traditional manufacturing. To bring your concepts to life, you just need a 3d file in STL format. No need of mold/die.

A new era of digital manufacturing has been born which has enabled businesses to accelerate their prototyping process and bring their products faster to the market. The 3d printing technology is being widely used for prototyping in the automotive, Art & design, Packaging and many more Industries.

2. 3D Printing in Healthcare

3d printing is being used to manufacture prosthetics. The advantage of 3d printing over conventional prosthetics manufacturing is that the limbs of a patient can be easily scanned and 3d printed according to the patient’s size. Earlier this process was very time consuming and costly. Now Prosthetics can be 3D Printed on Demand!!

Many Bones Implants these days are made out of Titanium because of its light weighing and strong properties. This was not possible earlier as titanium machining is very difficult, but through 3d printed custom titanium implants can be easily produced.

Some Surgeons use 3d printing as a surgical guide for their upcoming crucial surgeries.

Specially made PMMA Resins have opened new possibilities for 3d printing in the dental Industry. Dental aligners, dentures and casting patterns are all made patient specific through 3d printing.

There are numerous case studies where it is also being used in Industry specific applications as a full-fledged manufacturing technique.

Some of the examples are:

  • Modern Heat Exchangers

  • Modern Semiconductor Wafer tables

3d printing services

Click on the link Below to find out 3d printed consumer Products Examples.

These were some of the 3d printing applications. Are you searching for “3d Printing services near me” on google? Then we have a perfect solution for you, Locanam, which is a leading 3d printing company in Delhi. This company focuses on quality 3d Printing services and exemplary customer service. For any 3d Printing needs in Delhi-NCR.

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