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Updated: Feb 15

Since I was a child I used to wonder, how manufacturing a product works. I used to think of some sort of machine making the product from the ground up in a single part like we see in the time-lapse videos of 3d printing. Maybe because it seemed to be more convenient, imagining the process like that. The imagination was always there but it never made sense because when I saw that each product has a distinct way of being produced while there may be some common base of origin but definitely the subsequent aligned manufacturing processes take a different route. Let alone part and material integration. This process seemed a lot more complex to my eyes back then and even now sometimes, maybe because I am not from a manufacturing background .

The Additive Manufacturing scenario in the world today, gives a sense of validation to the though I had as a child imagining things being made in a single part. That memory is a reality now.

All the manufacturing techniques have their own pros and cons. Additive Manufacturing also has some limitations now, but the rate at which the Additive Manufacturing technology has upgraded itself in the past decade is phenomenal.

I firmly believe that it has made its place in the manufacturing landscape and will only show an upward trend. I hope that India Understands the potential of Additive manufacturing/ 3d Printing and becomes a leading player.

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