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Overview In SLS 3D Printing

In the field of SLS 3D Printing Services, a seamless blend of precision and ingenuity takes center stage, where a laser meticulously guides the formation of three-dimensional constructs, one layer at a time. This cutting-edge methodology harnesses the potential of plastic powder particles as its primary resource, adeptly managing their controlled fusion. The process initiates with the gradual warming of the powder within the printing bed, ensuring optimal utilization of the laser's prowess while meticulously avoiding surpassing the material's melting threshold.​

The subsequent steps involve the machine delicately spreading a fine layer of powder onto a platform. Guided by computer instructions, the laser meticulously heats and fuses the powder at specific spots. With each layer added as the platform descends, the object gradually takes shape until fully formed.​Essentially, SLS represents a sophisticated 3D printing method where a laser acts as a master craftsman, melting plastic particles to craft intricate objects with precision. This process, overseen by a specialized SLS 3D Printer, epitomizes the fusion of technology and high quality in additive manufacturing.


Selective laser sintering (SLS) is a 3d printing and additive manufacturing process that uses high-powered lasers to sinter, or bind, finely powdered material together into a solid structure. In this process, a printer lays down an even layer of powder and then precisely sinters that layer, repeating the deposition and sintering process until the part is complete. The shape of the object is created by aiming a laser at the powder bed in specific points in space, guided by a digitally produced CAD (computer-aided design) file.

Locanam SLS 3D Printing Services

Welcome to the Locanam cutting-edge Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing, a revolutionary additive manufacturing technology that has transformed the landscape of creating precise and strong parts suitable for end-use, low-volume production, and rapid prototyping. highly honored for its cost-effectiveness in industrial 3D printing services, SLS sets itself apart by facilitating bulk production without the necessity for support structures.

SLS printing primarily harnesses nylon as its key material, providing a versatile array of infills that enhance material properties. Whether it's the robustness of carbon-filled compositions or the flame-retardant characteristics, SLS materials are customized to cater to a variety of project requirements.

In the Field of additive manufacturing in layer technology, SLS utilizes a high-power laser, such as a carbon dioxide laser, to meld minuscule particles of plastic powders into a cohesive mass, sculpting the desired three-dimensional shape. The laser meticulously fuses powdered material by scanning cross-sections derived from a 3D digital representation of the part—sourced from CAD files or scan data—onto the surface of a powder bed. With each cross-section scan, the powder bed descends by one layer thickness, a new layer of material is applied, and the selective laser sintering process repeats until the part reaches completed.

A journey where precision seamlessly meets efficiency—uncover the limitless possibilities of SLS 3D printing for all your manufacturing needs.

How SLS 3D Printing Work

SLS is a powder bed fusion 3D printing technology. In SLS, a high-power laser draws each layer into a bed of powder, usually Nylon Powder. The laser sinters the powder particles together to form solid structures. Ones layer is complete, the build plate lowers slightly, and a powder recoater spreads new powder onto the previous layer. This technology is highly precise, with layer thicknesses typically ranging between 50 and 200 microns. Once the prints are complete, the machine operator must remove them, and powder can be recycled, and the printed pieces can be post-processed further via media blasting or media tumbling.

locanam sls 3d printing service

Applications of SLS 3D Printing

SLS 3D printing, with its remarkable versatility and precision, has made a significant impact in a diverse range of industries. This innovative technology has unlocked a multitude of possibilities and applications. Let's delve into some of the key sectors where SLS 3D printing service have found remarkable applications.

3D printing in aerospace
SLS 3D Printing In Aerospace

SLS 3D printing in the aerospace sector to produce lightweight and resilient components essential for spacecraft, satellites, and aircraft. This technology's capability to fabricate intricate, tailor-made parts guarantees high performance in these applications

3d printing in automotive
SLS 3D Printing In Automotive

SLS 3D printing in the aerospace sector to produce lightweight and resilient components essential for spacecraft, satellites, and aircraft. This technology's capability to fabricate intricate, tailor-made parts guarantees high performance in these applications

3d printing in medical
SLS 3D Printing In Medical

SLS 3D printing technology is a valuable asset to the medical field, as it enables the production of extremely precise, patient-specific medical devices. Such applications encompass prosthetics, implants, and surgical tools, all of which play a role in enhancing patient outcomes.

3D Printing consumer goods
SLS 3D Printing Consumer Goods

From jewelry to fashion accessories and home decor items, SLS 3D printing service allows for the creation of highly detailed and customized consumer goods. Consumers can enjoy personalized products tailored to their preferences.

SLS 3D Printing Materials

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) stands out as a cutting-edge 3D printing technique, often employing nylon—an adaptable engineering thermoplastic—as its primary material. Nylon, a member of the polyamide family, proves highly suitable for functional prototyping and end-use production owing to its outstanding qualities.

SLS 3D printing with nylon yields components characterized by remarkable strength, stiffness, and durability, rendering them resistant to impacts and wear. The durability of nylon extends across diverse environmental factors, including UV radiation, light, heat, moisture, solvents, temperature fluctuations, and water exposure. Notably, 3D-printed nylon parts may demonstrate biocompatibility and non-sensitizing properties, broadening their applicability to diverse fields.

The versatility of nylon finds expression in a myriad of applications, spanning from engineering consumer goods to healthcare solutions. Variants like Nylon 12 and Nylon 11 can be enhanced by reinforcing them with materials such as glass or carbon fiber, resulting in composites with specific properties such as heightened strength and rigidity.

Beyond nylon, SLS 3D printers excel in crafting parts from flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). TPU seamlessly combines high tear strength and elongation at break characteristics typical of rubber materials with the design freedom and ease of SLS 3D printing. TPU emerges as an optimal choice for manufacturing flexible prototypes and end-use parts capable of withstanding daily use. It offers unparalleled design flexibility while ensuring durability and functionality.

Nylon_pa_12__SLS_ parts

Polyamide 12/(PA 12)

Durable PA-12 thermoplastics offer exceptional versatility, ready to replace traditional injection-molded products. Available in food-grade, medical-grade, and flame-retardant options.

Nylon PA 11 part

Polyamide 11/(PA 11)

Durable Polyamide 11 thermoplastics provide exceptional impact resistance, making them well-suited for demanding applications. Their excellent performance in snap-fits and living hinges ensures.


Filled nylon/(PA)

These materials incorporate glass, aluminum, or mineral fiber fillers to deliver a diverse range of advanced characteristics, including enhanced stiffness, temperature resistance, strength, and surface quality.


Castable Polystyrene

Ideal for sacrificial patterns in the production of prototype metal castings and well-suited for low to medium production runs, eliminating the necessity for tooling.

Best SLS 3D Practices

Is SLS 3D printing the optimal choice for your specific part or project? Consider the following guidelines:

Material Compatibility:  SLS is adept at producing functional parts using a wide array of engineering plastics, with Nylon (PA12) being the most commonly used material.

Build Volume:  The standard build volume for an SLS system typically measures 300 x 300 x 300mm.

Mechanical Properties:  SLS-produced parts demonstrate commendable mechanical properties and isotropic behavior. For components with specialized requirements, additive-filled PA powders are readily available.

If you're prepared to move your parts into production, Locanam offers a convenient platform. Visit Locanam to obtain an instant quote and explore our onboard DFM analysis. For additional information, feel free to contact us at

Design Rules In SLS 3D Printing Service

Minimum Wall thickness:  0.8 – 1 mm

Minimum details size:  2.5 mm (for text/ hole diameters etc)

Layer thickness:  0.08 mm – 0.1 mm

Standard Accuracy:  ± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.3 mm).

Lead Time:  Minimum 2-3 working days for dispatch

Surface finish:  Grainy matt finish

Post Processing

  • Basic:  Powder removal, Bead blasting

  • Add on: Primer, Coating/ Painting

SLS 3D Printing part

Why Choose Locanam For SLS 3D Printing Services

Locanam is a Delhi based 3d printing/prototyping service provider, offers all types of 3D Printing Services that set the standard for excellence service. Equipped with state-of-the-art SLS 3D printing technology, our service ensures the delivery of top-notch results.

Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our ability to rapidly manufacture 3D-printed items using high-quality nylon material, distinguishing us as a top choice for clients seeking both quality and affordability with strong parts.

At Locanam, we take pride in our quick turnaround times, enabling you to meet project deadlines seamlessly. Our streamlined processes and advanced technology guarantee a smooth experience for all your 3D printing needs. Choose Locanam 3D Printing for exceptional results, unmatched quality, and a dependable partner in your endeavors.

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