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Our Current Focus is on a solution for the Retailers with online or offline presence. The solution proposed by Locanam is simple, which is decentralized manufacturing ecosystem run by the retailers. The retailers can manufacture on their own without hefty capital requirements, labor costs, technical know-how and large machinery Setup. All they require in this new decentralized manufacturing is a 3d printer (smaller than the size of a Standard Chair) and a STL file (product design file in 3d format). In such a way the retailers can easily produce the quantity of product required inhouse.


To Accomplish the Above Task, Locanam will understand the 3d printer specifications, Product design using design for additive manufacturing, material analysis and crack the code for optimum production quantity. After the above steps, the 3d printer and STL file will be ready for the client. The Retailer can Start the production at a click of a button. The Benefits of the following model for retailers are as follows:


  • Increase in profit margins as you do not have to purchase from the manufacturer.

  • No need to order in bulk quantities from the manufacturer, with this model you can manufacture/scale with demand.

  • Eliminate problems associated with logistics and supply chain such as long lead times, transportation costs manufacture defects and warehousing.

  • Create your own product design library and add more categories to sell.

  • Retailer can Distinguish its product from market by making changes in design.

  • Welcome to the era of digital/cloud manufacturing.

  • Easy setup and operation.



The cost of the complete solution would be specific to the requirement of the retailer and would comprise of the following:


1. 3d printer

2. Product design for additive manufacturing

3. R&D Involved in batch production

4. Raw Material 3d printer filament

5. Installation

6. Machine operator training

7. AMC


Book a demo with Locanam Additive Manufacturing to dive deeper into the world of decentralized cloud manufacturing and accelerate the growth of your business.





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